Novark custom-designs all our products, using over a decade of experience and knowledge to craft the best thermal solutions for our customers' needs. The reliable and efficient designs Novark produces lead to effective and fast design validation and fully transparent manufacturing. Novark responds quickly to our customers' needs, no matter how they shift or change.

Custom Heat Sink Design

There are many decision points in the custom design of heat sinks: the heating load from the heat source, the fin size and shape, the pressure drop across the heat sink, fan or pump selection, the thermal interface materials (TIMs) used, and the methods of fastening the heat ...


Custom Heat Pipe Design

Many factors go into the custom design of heat pipes: the heating load from the heat source, the designed purpose of the heat pipe (for example: to spread heat or exchange heat?), the heat pipe geometry (the evaporator and condenser section lengths, the length of the heat pip...

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