Vapor Chamber

Vapor chambers are constructed from thin copper sheets that form a hollow chamber, the walls of which are lined with a sintered copper wire mesh or sintered copper powder. This forms a wick structure within the chamber. Additional columns of sintered copper powder are created in the wick structure for larger vapor chambers.

This shape functions like a power line transformer for heat: power line transformers change the voltage between different sections of power lines, and vapor chambers do the same by taking heat from high-temperature sources and spreading it over a wider surface, lowering the temperature as a result. Due to its thin shape, vapor chambers shine in thin and limited spaces that require high thermal performance.

Servers within data centers use vapor chambers to spread heat from several sources, creating a bed of uniform temperature which is paired with a finned heat sink to evenly and efficiently dissipate the entire heat load on the server unit. Graphic cards also make use of vapor chambers to lower the heat density from the GPU die to a heat sink base. Vapor chambers ensure no single component overheats, and equalize the temperature across the thermal module.

Novark manufactures its vapor chambers from copper plate. The vapor chamber joints are joined via brazing or diffusion bonding. Due to the highly customizable nature of vapor chamber design, please contact Novark for a custom design that fits your thermal management needs. The table below represents Novark’s manufacturing capability.

Area Thickness Wick Structure
mm x mm mm  
30×30 – 400×400 1.0 – 10.0 Sintered

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